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I guess it’s a fair question – and one that should really underpin the remainder of my MBA experience and my career.

So what’s the purpose of an MBA?  More importantly, what’s MY purpose for an MBA?

Clearly we all have different reasons for doing things.  Reasons for an MBA fall into 2 main categories – self-aggrandizing and self-discovery.  I’ll explore these in some detail in later posts.

From my introspection, I believe my intentions are pure… as pure as I’m capable of anyway.  I’m not interested in an MBA for financial reasons – I currently make over $85K and have solid prospects for continued raises.  I plan to use my MBA as a portal – a new start into a career that moves me.  I deserve to have a job that gets me moving in the morning – that I truly enjoy and that enjoys me – an industry where my talents and passions intersect.

In his excellent book More than Money, Mark Albion makes the (brilliant) point that we should not get too good at something that we don’t enjoy just because we’re talented at it.  He’s got me pegged.  I wish I’d read the book 10 years ago.  If I “stick around” in the AF until 20 yrs for the retirement benefits, then I’ll be pigeon-holed into government work.  My experience will be too specific, and I’ll end up as a career government-man.  The time to make a clean break is now (well… the summer of 2012).