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Getting out of the AF for SURE!

Well… I did it.

I made the first decision at work that was specifically tailored to my path to get out.  I’ve been floating along for the past year without having been put in a position to make any hard career choices.

I decided not to apply to be my unit’s executive officer (I was told I was the #1 candidate) because there was no way I was going to spend my last year on active duty pulling 60+ hr workweeks for a job that had no longterm impact.  It also would have been selfish to take the #1 CGO position away from someone else who could really use it as a career boost and then separate.

I feel at ease with the decision, but unsettled to be passing up the challenge.  I don’t like how it looks that I didn’t even apply.  Most don’t know that I’m getting out, so they just think I’m shirking responsibility.  All in due time.

Now there’s no turning back.  It’s the corporate world for me.


Job vs MBA

I started looking at jobs this week.  Get a job vs get an MBA… hmmm…

I already have a MS in Finance, but it’s from a tier 12 school (if there is such a thing).  All my experience is in the military; useful for sure, but doesn’t directly correlate to any job on the outside.

2 years without income would not be fun (I’m married with 2 kids), but the lifetime earning potential would probably be higher with the MBA.  In the end, I think the decision will come down to whether I can find a job in the field in which I’m interested.  Since I don’t want to go into i-banking or consulting, the MBA isn’t quite as necessary.  It would be nice to get into the MBA “club” (access to the alum network), but I have to determine whether it’s worth 2 years of financial misery.

Anyone have any thoughts?